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History of the White Rose

... a brief history

Around the middle of the 19th Century, romantic nostalgia for the distant past expressed itself in architectural forms in various historical styles.
This home is a fine example of Queen Anne style design. Relatively intact, the well preserved building features a typical multi-gabled roofline, ornate decorative trim and handsome interior woodwork. Based on materials from a survey by the “State Historical Society of Wisconsin” on the Wisconsin Dells community, this building appears to be one of the more dynamic and visually interesting in the area.

Frank Hill, a livery owner and carpenter acquired the property in 1887 from the descendants of Alanson Holly, who was the editor of the towns first newspaper “The Mirror”. Holly was also the first resident of the city. The original home was occupied by Holly in 1856, and later (in 1880) it was moved to another site. The home now existing on this 1st original homesite was built in 1903 by Frank Hill; … he erected one of the finest residences in this section of the State, but sold it after the death of his daughter. The home was sold to Daniel McManman, who owned and operated “McManmans General Store” in the city. Mr. McManman sold the home in 1949, and it was occupied as a private residence until 1970.

In 1970 it was sold to the Riverview Boat Line; the home was used as an office until it was again sold in 1985 to the Vanic brothers, from Yugoslavia, and under their ownership, it became a Bed & Breakfast inn. While one of the couples was out of the country, the other brother built the motel and swimming pool. The motel was originally supposed to be three stories high but the other brother put a stop to the construction when he returned from Europe…and we are very grateful!

In l996 Bob Van Wies bought the house from Vasa Vanic. The Van Wies owned the property for one year, and in l997 it was sold to The New Christian Church of Full Endeavor. The Church operated the house as part of the White Rose Motel until the fall of 2013, when it was bought by its present owner and operator.

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