History Terrace Hill

... a brief history

This beautiful Victorian home was built in 1890 by Adolphe & Ella Roethe.  They had been married for five years then and they lived in this house for the next 50 years.
All the woodwork and pocket doors are original  and in perfect condition.  There are beautiful beveled glass window panels throughout the house with a lovely fleur de lis pattern.
There is a picture of this couple in their 70’s in the front entry hall showing the way the house and front yard looked before the house next door was built. In the living room is their wedding picture, October 14, 1885.
Over the years this house was bought and sold many times. It was a boarding house in the years before apartments were plentiful.  It has been a B&B since 1987 when the owner was Sharon Harmsen.
A picture on a table in the living room shows the back of the house had two small “cottages” which were moved to the front yard of the house on the corner of Wisconsin & Oak Streets and are still being rented. 
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