Sherman House

... a brief history

The Sherman House was built in 1904 as a summer residence for James Sherman, a grain merchant and attorney from Chicago.

It was designed by Robert Classen S pencer, Jr. an architect who shared an office with Frank Lloyd Wright in the Steinway Hall building in Chicago.  He was one of “The Eighteen” architects, including, Frank Lloyd Wright, who had a Vision of a new architectural style that featured simplicity & smooth horizontal lines. It was first referred to as the Chicago School & later as Prairie Style & today Frank Lloyd Wright style because of Wright’s long & prolific career throughout the Midwest.
The new architectural style blended with nature and did not intrude upon it.  Significant to this new design was their large porches, many sunny windows and smooth horizontal lines.  They used the natural wood in the area, oak and hard pine, and, in addition, natural cut sandstone.  All these features gave a greater sense of restfulness, relaxation & repose which is exemplified in the Sherman House, with its spectacular view down the Wisconsin River.
As you are looking out of the Sherman House’s long porch facing the river, you will notice a sign designating a small strip of the lawn as a park area.  Three and a half acres of the Sherman House’s land was donated to the City of Wisconsin Dells so that the public might always have access to the spectacular view of the Wisconsin River.  The park behind the Sherman House was dedicated to allow the peacefulness of nature to be available to all.  It was named Jenkin’s Park after the beloved local doctor who rode on horseback to make his house calls.
The house has had only 6 owners in its 100+ years.  One owner was the prominent Crandall & Musson family who, as early conservationists, shared a vision of protecting the river’s edges from over development.  It was during their ownership that the three acres of land mentioned above were given to the city. 
The house was purchased by the Marz family.  Laura Marz, after the death of her husband, began operating the Sherman House as a bed & breakfast inn in 1987.
We invite you to relax, forget all about time and enter into a new moment, reminiscent of a quieter time, and it is there in your mind to find and enjoy.  Then, let this present still moment extend into a timeless now, as if you are on an endless vacation.
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